Australia's growing multi-cultural community speaks a wide variety of languages. If your business wants to engage with this community or target overseas markets, it would be worth considering making your web site multi-lingual.

We are a multi-lingual web design team based in Melbourne Australia, and specialize in multi-lingual web sites. multi-lingual-webdesign

Our multi-language web sites feature:

  • Language Switcher
    When viewing any page, a user can simply click on the relevant language flag in order to view that particular page in a different language
  • Search Engine Optimised
    We help you structure your web site for best possible results in search engines and to avoid any Google penalties for poorly structured content.
  • Ease of Updates
    Through our built-in content management system, users with basic computer knowledge can maintain and update the content on the web site - in multiple languages.
  • Powerful and Flexible
    Our web sites are based on the popular CMS Joomla - which is used across the globe to power millions of web sites across the globe and in a wide variety of languages. Joomla is commonly used on web sites such as business web sites, charity web sites, educational and even government levele web sites.
  • We speak your language
    Our design team speaks and understands English, Afrikaans, Bangla and Norwegian fluently as well as some French, Chinese (Mandarin) and even Hebrew. We have previously designed web sites in Japanese and can with guidance create web sites even in languages that we do not personally understand.
  • International Domain Names
    We can help you secure the international domain names you might be looking for - just ask for help and we will find out the necessary information for you. 

Please contact us today for more information and a quote for your mulit-lingual web design project. 

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